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  • QUICK & EASY TO USE: Fantastic for small families, couples or individuals. With a pre-set feature your pressure cooker allows you to cook all of your favourite meals at the click of a button up to 90% faster than traditional cooking methods. This easy to use machine makes cooking delicious dishes simple.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Because PKP cooks super-fast with pressurised steam, it saves money on your energy bills! In fact, it uses at least 66% less energy than the average oven (approx. 2100W).
  • SIMPLY SET AND FORGET: The Pressure King Pro creates the same slow-cooked tenderness and taste that you want but in a much shorter time with a lot less effort! Why wouldn’t you choose this product?! Simply turn it on in the morning and your food will be done by the evening ready for you to enjoy!
  • HEALTHIER COOKING: This method of cooking means that you are left with meals filled with more nutrients and vitamins due to the pressurised steam locking in all of the goodness! With 8 different functions this Pressure Cooker is able to cook: Pasta, Meat, Soup, Stew, Fish, Rice as well as being used to keep food warm, reheat it quickly, sautéing and browning. There’s not much it can’t do!
  • FREE RECIPE MOBILE APP: Download the free Drew&Cole recipe app for more cooking inspiration. With access to over 50 recipes that have been specially designed for the Pressure King Pro, you’ll never be bored at meal times again. From fresh and healthy to hot and spicy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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